• Tomlin Scientific – An Independent Chemical, Oil and Grease Company

  • Specializing in the research, development & manufacture of scientifically engineered specialty chemicals, lubricating oils, and greases used in severe applications for private label, OEM, maintenance and re-manufacturing companies. We produce application specific products designed for automotive, aerospace, military & machinery markets. We can also create synthetics for highly engineered applications such as CV joints, track rolls, high-speed bearings for automotive, military mobile equipment, off-road & track racing. Our proprietary formulations are available, or client intellectual property can be blended to meet specific needs.

Reliable quality control standards that meet compliance with national and international regulations

Tomlin Scientific maintains a full-service laboratory for agricultural nutrients, specialty chemicals, industrial lubricating oils and greases. Customers count on our reliable products to meet compliance and technical performance standards to keep their operations dependable and profitable. Our independent test center will research, develop and manufacture scientifically engineered specialty chemicals, industrial lubricating oils and greases for all applications.


About Us

We are dedicated to deliver “Peace of Mind” for all levels of the customer/supplier partnership.

  • Research lead company since 1991.
  • Over 65 years of Combined Experience in Solving Real World Problems.
  • Our Senior Chemists, Tribologists, and Lubrication Engineers become part of your project team.
  • As new design concepts are developed, close collaboration with your engineers optimizes success.
  • Our continuing research provides “State of the Art” knowledge especially in the area of innovative chemistries.

We provide innovative product solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost-effectiveness within the market.

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